“The SIGNAL program is the most beneficial investment towards a career in music I have ever participated in. I felt lost without direction and stuck for motivation but have gained a lifetime of wisdom and knowledge to help me really become someone I’m proud of.”

- Reuben R Pilgrim - Gatherer

“Entering the SIGNAL program I knew I’d get to dive deep into my passion but I absolutely did not expect how profoundly it would change me as a whole. My creative mind feels wickedly sharp and my mission objectives are clearly defined. Tom’s bold, bombastic and brutal approach to what is essentially boot camp for musicians feels like a tidal wave of truth - and I’m gonna surf that fuckin’ wave right to the shore. Stoked.”

- Samuel K - Samuel K Producer / Gatherer

“I’ve devoted my life to music in the blind hope that somehow, everything would just ‘fall’ into place. Now, after SIGNAL, I feel like I’ve got all the tools I need to actually make that happen.”

- Daniel Anthony - OLIVER SOL / Thirds Music

“The SIGNAL program has provided me with an open forum in which I can comfortably share and express my experiences with other developing artists. With clear insights into music industry infrastructure and a stronger sense of creative songwriting, I feel much more prepared to effectively further my musical pursuits.“

Alexander Winter - Gatherer