In this era, the industry has become reliant on the act themselves to do the heavy lifting as digital technology has allowed access to tools and scale that was previously impossible to imagine. But this has left a vacuum and within that vacuum artists consistently struggle with 3 primary issues. 

• They Lack Visibility
• They Lack Resources
• They Lack Resilience

If they don’t find a way to build a career they either become burnt out, disillusioned and unable to see the light at the end of the tunnel or they achieve momentary traction but find themselves thrust into the deep end before they’ve learned to swim. From history, we know that the most successful long-term career artists have not relied on talent and skill alone. They have also had access to an environment that provides critical feedback, patience and belief.

So, Why Signal?

There’s a common journey that career artists go through and its more predictable than most people recognise.


The Journey of Musical Career Growth


SIGNAL helps to specify where you are at on this scale both individually and collectively and helps you target and define the steps needed to move through to the stage you want to go to.

SIGNAL is perfect if you are: 


A New Artist/ New Project

You are embarking on a new project and would like some feedback on your plans and your music. You have completed a new project but would like some clarity as to how to plan around launching it strategically and growing your community, network and connections

You are seeing some traction and want to know what lies ahead and what needs to be put in place to have a go at taking things seriously. You love making music but are struggling to make sense of the stress, pressure and agendas beginning to show up now that you have some interest and success

An Emerging Artist

Recording Artist

You are looking to get some clarity and feedback around recording and song selection that best represent who you are and what you want to project. You want to look at what is involved in pre-production, performance and song-writing for an upcoming recording project.

 An Established Career Artist

You are wanting new strategies around creativity and optimising your creative process. You want to get clarity and direction for your team and how to manage conflict and stress within your artist framework.

If you would like to know about if the accelerator is right for you, or if there is another aspect of the 5 x steps you would like to explore further then please sign up for a 1 to 1 strategy session.